Today’s Videos: Unboxing, Red Room updates and our fist rant!

Wherein I unbox the RPGPundit's Dark Albion and Postmortem Studios' Grimdark, after whuich we talk about the upcoming Giallo companion (and show off the Basic Expert's wonderful cover art). ... and then we answer the question: Is Venger Satanis a dangerous far-right transphobe?

Red Room Valentine’s Special

It's Valentine's Day and we are in a sentimental mood at the Red Room. That's why we dedicated this special to a couple of the most romantic role-playing games out there: Venger Satanis' sleazy sci-fi Alpha Blue and Tales of Gor: Gorean Roleplaying by James Grim Desborough.

Red Room: The Year in (P)review

This has been a busy year here in the Red Room, with six books published by Postmortem Studios: Orpheum Lofts. The Memorial, The Sisters of the Seven Sins, Welcome to St. Cloud, Postcards from Avalidad and As Above, So Below.

Welcome to the Red Room, Venger Satanis

CHA’ ALT AFTER DARK: The extra-sleazy Old School Renaissance adventure anthology for the Cha’ alt role-playing game is due for release next month, promising depravity, immoral exploits and sordid affairs for a mature audience. Venger As’ Nas Satanis, master of eldritch gonzo role-playing, talks about his next releases, a successful game designing career, recent trends … Continue reading Welcome to the Red Room, Venger Satanis