Wretched RPG Now in Print!

Wretched Role-Playing Game is now available in print at Lulu.com. Sílvia Clemente's dark-fantasy scenario, Temple of Flesh, is also available now! Wretched RPG will have a hardcover version later, so stay tuned for that one too. https://www.lulu.com/shop/lord-matteus-and-s%C3%ADlvia-clemente-and-miguel-ribeiro/wretched-role-playing-game/paperback/product-w9zdpe.html?q=wretched%20role-playing&page=1&pageSize=4&fbclid=IwAR2rYWWaA6W2ZRGqQHroZFCHtqRfGcafNzkzV2Urmjtbr6lQgZ1q2N5xJcg

The Wretched Verses – Coming Soon

Following a recommendation from the RPGPUndit a few weeks ago, we are going to start releasing a series of small digital sourcebooks for the Wretched game line, something similar to the RPGPundit Presents periodical. We've already contacted Jae Tanaka (who authored the cover and several inside illustration for the core book Wretched Role-Playing Game) to … Continue reading The Wretched Verses – Coming Soon

The latest Red Room newsletter is here


Updated Version of Wretched RPG

We've updated the psychics section and added bookmarks to the file. You can download the updated version at The Red Room store and Big Geek Emporium.

Updated Version of MEN

Dick Pound revised MEN addressing a few issues found by reviewers and buyers. If you have purchased MEN from The Red Room or Big Geek Emporium you can download MEN 1.2 If you purchased it through that (un)wretched hive of scum and villainy called DrivethruRPG, contact us so we can send you the new file. … Continue reading Updated Version of MEN

A Fistful of Blood and Dust – Released

A Fistful of Blood and Dust: Released. A weird western spaghetti by Olivar Tripas (Tears of Belphegor). You can purchase it at The Red Room Store or at Big Geek Emporium (it will be available at Lulu soon in print on demand)

Wretched Role-Playing – Released

Are you ready to embrace your inner anti-hero and delve into the dark, cinematic world of the Wretched Role-Playing Game? In the Wretchedverse, you’ll get to take on the role of anti-heroes in a variety of settings, from dark fantasy to post-apocalyptic fiction and everything in between. https://moordereht.com/product/wretched-role-playing-game/ This is the revised version of the … Continue reading Wretched Role-Playing – Released

Temple of Flesh – Released

Available now in pdf at The Room Store and Big Geek Emporium (later at Lulu.com in PoD)

The Red Room is Alive! ALIVE!

Since our ban, we've had several messages from former DrivethruRPG customers who noticed we were gone from there. Luckily, some took the time to look for us, but we believe most will not make the effort. So, please, help us spread the word: The Red Room is alive. You can find us: At our website … Continue reading The Red Room is Alive! ALIVE!

Wretched: On Edginess and Anti-Heroes

Let's see if you can finally put this matter to rest...