The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Edition) – Released

This horror scenario takes place in a Portuguese convent with a dark history of demonic possession, black magic, and Devil worships that, in the mid-1970s, is occupied by a recently founded unusual religious congregation made up of disgraced women who wish to atone for their past, the Reprobate Sisters of the Seven Sins. Players can … Continue reading The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Edition) – Released

Welcome to the Red Room Room Joe Hardin (Big Geek Emporium)

Today's guest is Joe Hardin, from the Biggus GeekusYoutube channel and the upcoming online role-playing game store Big Geek Emporium. We talked about this project that promises creators freedom and competitive rates (this Skype call was very misogynous and almost erased Sílvia, but since we are terrible people, we just don't care. Women's place is … Continue reading Welcome to the Red Room Room Joe Hardin (Big Geek Emporium)

Double Feature – Released

This module includes two horror adventures easily used without any preparation if you mean to run them in Wretchploitation or any other contemporary horror game. With some adaptation you can run them in Wretched Époque or other games set in the not-so-distant past.The first scenario, The Old House, is a loose collection of ideas and … Continue reading Double Feature – Released

Wretched Bastards Quickstart Released

I left this Wretched Quickstart for last (even though it was our first release) because it's a small book even in the full version. Anyway, I've added a few pages from The Seven Bastards to make it an introduction not only to the Wretched Bastards rules but also to the World of Bastards setting.