Postcards from Avalidad Season #1, Mission Report #1

Cast The Operatives: Eva Borges, Patrick O’Maley, Jana Gibson, Mariza Olafson. The VIPs: Isabella Nakatomi, Michael Doyle, Aziz Crowe. Mission Report “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on.” William S. Burroughs The Rookies: After a week-long arduous training … Continue reading Postcards from Avalidad Season #1, Mission Report #1

Welcome to St. Cloud – End of Season Report

After five months and twelve play sessions, the first season of Welcome to St. Cloud came to a timely ending yesterday, on Halloween night. I'm pleased to report that, after all that time, we've barely scratched the surface of St. Cloud’s mysteries SPOILER ALERT: even though no two playthroughs should be alike, the report includes … Continue reading Welcome to St. Cloud – End of Season Report

#TTRPG – Postcards from Avalidad – As Above So Below

Now available on PoD from

Postmortem Studios

As Above, So Below is now available at the Postmortem Studios store and at if you’re looking for hardcopy.

In Avalidad there are urban legends about Agartha, an underground town inhabited by mutants and other outcasts.

It is not a myth.

As Above so Below is an adventure for the psipunk, Burroughsian Postcards from Avalidad game setting.

Includes statistics for AFM and *Punk, but usable with any system.

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Nomination for the Hartvig Award 2021

This year's work - by which I mean the Giallo trilogy, Welcome to St. Cloud, Postcards from Avalidad and As Above, So Below - was recognised by the Portuguese role-playing community by nominating me for the Hartvig Award, an anual distinction that publicly recognises excellence in the role-playing and LARP industry in Portugal. The award's … Continue reading Nomination for the Hartvig Award 2021

As Above, so Below Teaser #3

FACTIONS FROM AVALIDAD: ZONESEC A unified security force in charge of enforcing the law in Avalidad, though it really works like a state police. Clayton Reed leads a shady spec-ops team - unofficially part of ZoneSec -, which was already featured in the core setting book. Reed and part of his group (Darius Jefferson, Eva … Continue reading As Above, so Below Teaser #3