Wretched New Flesh – Second Edition


Wretched New Flesh transports players to a dystopian future inspired by the dark visions of William S. Burroughs, David Cronenberg, William Gibson, JG Ballard and Clive Barker. This surreal future-noir roleplaying game setting combines elements of cyberpunk, biopunk, and psi punk to create a nightmarish world where libertarianism and unchecked corporate power lead to decadence, violence, and oppression.

The genre-blending nature of Wretched New Flesh sets it apart from traditional cyberpunk and science fiction settings. This is not a game focused on plausible technological speculation or precise extrapolation of current trends. Instead, it embraces the surreal, the strange, and the fantastical. Players should expect a heavy dose of bizarre body horror, psi-mutations, experimental augmented reality, and a hedonistic culture pushed to nightmarish extremes. Yet underneath the phantasmagoria is a core of hard-boiled noir. The personalities are as big as the ideas, and there’s always a mystery to unravel or a dame to impress. Wretched New Flesh retains the street-smart style and grit of classic noir detective fiction, while catapulting players into a future where flesh and steel are moulded to fit the desires of the ultra-rich.

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