Wretched Verses Issue 17 – Wretched Minions (Slime)


This issue is oozing with over 50 types of slimes, fungus, and plants to torment your players. From the classic brown slime to the terrifying cordyceps fungus that turns your heroes into zombies, we’ve got all the slimy, mushy, creepy-crawly creatures you need. Our minions come in all shapes, sizes and colours – translucent, black, green, even waffles! Each has unique abilities to blind, poison, paralyse and plague your player characters. We’ve got slimes that explode into acid, even a kaiju-sized blob It’s not just slimes either. This issue features a whole underground ecosystem of fantastic fungi and deadly plants. Giant pitcher plants that hypnotise and digest heroes, corpse flowers that vomit poison and reanimate the dead, vines that grab and hang adventures for their fertiliser.


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