Wretched Bastards – Second Edition


Wretched Bastards is a low-magic, dark fantasy role-playing game. Besides being deadly and bleak, it is meant to be sleazy. The main characters aren’t heroes at all; they are greedy, violent, lecherous, cruel, and untrustworthy scoundrels. They will lie, backstab, betray, double-cross, kill, pillage and rape through this grim fantasy world. They aren’t heroes because there are no heroes in the kingdom of Riget, only a handful in the Kharabas continent, and not a whole lot more in the world of Antillia. (224 pages)

A set of rules, such as Wretched Role-Playing Game or other OSR game is required to play Wretched Bastards Second Edition

– Setting specific rules changes
– Alternate rules for magic
– Description of the world of Antillia
– The Seven Bastards campaign setting

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