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Voidhaven Outpost released

Voidhaven Outpost now available at the Red Room store, Giant Slayer Games and Big Geek Emporium. Venture into the heart of cosmic mystery and danger with Voidhaven Outpost, a versatile campaign setting that can be used as a supplement for Wretched Space or function as a standalone. At the very fringes of the Galactic Federation’s reach lies Voidhaven Outpost, a sprawling space station, rife with a palpable tension between order and chaos, on the edge of the Outer Rim.

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30% Off all Print Copies at

Black Friday use TWINKLE30 code until the 28th for a 30% discount on print on demand books. Take a look at our store there:

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Black Friday Sale: 30% Off

Dive into the dark allure of the Wretchedverse this Black Friday with the Red Room’s sale. From now until Sunday get most of our catalogue at 30% off (exception for Wretched Interbellum and Days of Lead) by using the discount code redfriday at out store.

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New Release: Days of Lead

Available now at the Red Room store, Big Geek Emporium and Giant Slayer Games. It will be available later at Luludotcom as a softocover.

Descend into the shadows of 1970s Italy in this gritty Wretched setting. In the fictional city of Cittaferra, political terrorism, organised crime, and institutional corruption threaten to tear society apart. Face off against dangerous extremists like the neo-fascist Alba Dorata or the militant Marxists of Mano Rossa. Match wits with cunning mafia bosses and their shadow networks bleeding the city dry. Or defy power itself as an activist, rogue cop, or underground journalist.

Days of Lead Includes new archetypes and optional rules covering investigative skills, vehicle combat, chase scenes, and more for high-action drama. An adventure generator helps game masters craft intrigue-filled plots in this richly detailed setting and city districts provide story hooks and locales. Relive the tension and grit of Italy’s iconic poliziesco films and Years of Lead era. Let Cittaferra’s layers of light and dark inspire stories where loyalties shift and morality blurs. Days of Lead requires the Wretched Role Playing Game core rules to play.

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Two new verses, one is free

We have two releases for today (one of which is FREE). Let’s start with Wretched Minions: Cryptids by ML Straus. This new bestiary entry reveals over 50 legendary cryptids from folklore and myth across the United States and around the world. Then proceed to Ten Thousand Miles to Fiji, a free introductory scenario to Wretched Interbellum. You can get them both at the Red Room store, Giant Slayer Games and Big Geek Emporium.

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A note about our historical settings

A note about historical settings

Yesterday we released Wretched Interbellum, the latest game in our Wretched series set in the tumultuous Interwar period. As developers of historical games, we want to provide some background on our pseudo-historical settings. While not professional historians, we aim to present the basic historical facts and events, adding some fictional elements and pulpish flair to make things more interesting.

Our games take place in stylized versions of the past, such as Wretched Époque’s supernatural version of the Belle Époque era and Wretched Country’s weird Americana setting. Wretched Interbellum follows suit with a fictional take on the unstable Interwar period, incorporating speculative and Lovecraftian elements into the historical backdrop. We blend history and imagination, so while these games are inspired by actual events and times, they are heavily fictionalized worlds with their own lore and factions.

Our goal is an immersive historical-flavoured experience, not textbook accuracy. So expect the spirit of the age, but seen through a pulpy, wretched lens. Definitely not historical, but  heavily fictionalized.  Nevertheless, what you will NOT find is a bastardisation of real world themes to make it palatable to “modern audiences”.

Sexism, racism, classism and other “isms” were really a thing in the 19th and early 20th century and so you will find they do exist in the Wretchedverse. Now, can you play a woman, an homossexual, or a non-white character in Country, or a Jewish character in Paris of the Belle Époque? Sure you can, that will give you added complications and that is – we believe – a good think in a role-playing game. Now, if we are admitting we did fictionalise history, why are we so worried about correctly portraying social and traditional norms of the time? Have you read Conan Doyle, Poe, Stoker, Mary Shelley, Lovecraft, Agatha Christie? Well, that’s why… It’s fictional, but it still takes place in the past. No weird pronouns and no current day inserts; no bulshit. No, it’s not accurate, but when we fail is out of lack of knowledge or to insert otherworldly elements into an historical setting, not because there’s an absurd agenda being shoved down everyone’s throats.

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Wretched Minions: Slime Released

Wretched Minions: Slime, by ML Straus was just released at our store and Giant Slayer Games. This issue is oozing with over 50 types of slimes and fungus to torment your players. From the classic brown slime to the terrifying cordyceps fungus that turns your heroes into zombies, we’ve got all the slimy, mushy, creepy-crawly creatures you need.

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Occult Blood: New Release from the Red Room

Occult Blood is a Wretched Époque scenario by Sílvia Clemente now available at the Red Room store, Giant Slayer Games and Big Geek Emporium. It will be later available as a softcover at Lulu.

The gothic spires of the City of Lights conceal a sinister underworld. For centuries, the vampiric Wampyr have lurked in the shadows, feasting on the blood of mankind. But even immortal monsters cannot escape the march of modernity, and conflict has arisen among them. Divided into traditionalist and progressive factions, the once mighty Wampyr community has become fractured and weak. The eternal predators now seem to have become prey, as Wampyr begin vanishing mysteriously into the Parisian night. Players take on the role of investigators tasked with unravelling these macabre mysteries, following a trail of clues stained red with blood.

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Darker and Good Guys Never Win now in paperback (


The darkest corners of Hammettville hide a menace that threatens the very fabric of reality. A malevolent entity from the Beyond know as the Devourer has been slowly spreading its influence over the city, feeding on the taint and corruption of the inhabitants’ souls. In this scenario, the players take the roles of common wretched folk that see themselves entangled in a twisted web of secrets and lies. Carrying the burden of uncovering the truth to save their lives and sanity, the characters will journey beyond the veil, facing their own fears and worst nightmares, cunning conspirators and the Devourer’s insidious presence. Will they survive walking the narrow line between sanity and madness?

Good Guys Never Win

Join the super villain Tag on a coast to coast crime spree across the USA of Wretched Vigilantes. Encounter dozens of new wretched villains, heroes and super spies. Discover new powers and drawbacks for the Wretchedverse. Find out how super humans are treated in New York, Nevada, Tennessee and other parts of the US. Lean why it is that Good Guys Never Win.

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Wretched Verses Issue 16 (Wretched Minions: Insects) – Released

New release from the Red Room, another entry in the Minions series: Insects, by ML Straus. You’ll find it in our store, Giant Slayer Games and Big Geek Emporium.