Today’s Videos: Unboxing, Red Room updates and our fist rant!

Wherein I unbox the RPGPundit's Dark Albion and Postmortem Studios' Grimdark, after whuich we talk about the upcoming Giallo companion (and show off the Basic Expert's wonderful cover art). ... and then we answer the question: Is Venger Satanis a dangerous far-right transphobe?

Welcome to the Red Room, Chris Miller

We talked to Chris Miller about his own role-playing game, science-fantasy ANKUR: Kingdom of the Gods, and also about Sword and Caravan, an upcoming RPGPundit OSR setting book about the Crusades and the Silk Road,, which will be published by Miller's Mad Scribe Games.

Welcome to the Red Room, RPGPundit The Invisible College is the starting point for the RPGPundit to discuss the Age of Enlightenment, real Magick, Aleister Crowley, his own interest in mysticism, religion and History and how all that fits into his newest role-playing game. He also talked about the different factions in the OSR movement, mockery as the best weapon … Continue reading Welcome to the Red Room, RPGPundit