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Wretched Verses Issue 6: Vitulya Reborn – RELEASED

Vitulya Reborn is a scenario – which could easily be developed into a whole campaign – for Wretched Bastards, inspired by HBO’s series Rome, centred on the the plans of Gaius Vitulius, who is plotting to invade the neighbouring kingdoms of Helvetii and Riget.The player characters are mid-level army officers within the Vitulyan forces who will face the challenges of executing the invasion under the command of their superiors while dealing with the political intrigue and military strategy involved (48 pages).

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Wretched Role-Playing – Released

Are you ready to embrace your inner anti-hero and delve into the dark, cinematic world of the Wretched Role-Playing Game? In the Wretchedverse, you’ll get to take on the role of anti-heroes in a variety of settings, from dark fantasy to post-apocalyptic fiction and everything in between.

This is the revised version of the old-school rules that have been used in prior releases by The Red Room. We are now publishing this in preparation for the second edition of the previously published titles, which will be setting books, including some rules variations, instead of full games. You will notice a few changes, but the revised rules are entirely compatible with the first iteration of The Red Room’s Wretchedverse, and this book is easily adaptable to earlier editions of the most famous role-playing game.

To get wretched, you need nothing else but this book and a few dice, though you can find several titles already published for the Wretchedverse. For fans of 1980s Conan rip-offs, Wretched Bastards offers a dark fantasy world to explore. If you prefer spaghetti westerns, Wretched Country allows you to ride off into the sunset as a gunslinging anti-hero. For a more historically accurate setting, Wretched Époque immerses players in a world of horror in 19th-century Paris. Fans of exploitation movies from the late 1960s to the 1990s can indulge in their favourite genre with Wretchploitation. Those who enjoy future noir will love Wretched New Flesh, where you can explore a dystopian Moroccan city inspired by the works of William S. Burroughs, William Gibson, and David Cronenberg. Wretched Space and Wretched Apocalypse offer exciting sci-fi adventures in a sleazy space opera game world and a post-apocalyptic fiction game, respectively. Finally, Wretched Darkness delves into the darker side of human nature with its horror/urban fantasy setting.

These are the ones already available, but other settings are planned, such as Wretched Vigilantes, a street-level super-heroes game world. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the OSR, Wretched has something to offer everyone.

Also a reminder that until the end of March you can have a 25% discount on a purchase by using the promo code redroomwelcome

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Temple of Flesh – Released

The Temple of Flesh is a treacherous and unbalanced dungeon crawl by Sílvia Clemente, designed for parties of any level. However, it is not for the faint of heart, as the chances of survival are slim. The adventurers will face not only physical challenges but also the reasonably high chance of becoming a Creature of Shadows, a fate worse than death.

The Sylvandell forest is home to a reclusive elven community that lives a peaceful life, undisturbed by the outside world. However, their tranquillity is shattered by a sudden earthquake that shakes the forest to its core. The elves soon discover that the quake has caused a monstrous temple to rise from the depths of the earth, looming ominously over the surrounding landscape. To make matters worse, the temple unleashes a horde of dark creatures that begin to prey on the unsuspecting elves. Faced with the looming threat of destruction, the elves desperately need a hero to venture into the temple and put an end to the evil that resides within.

You can purchase it at The Red Room Store:

Or Big Geek Emporium

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Wretched Bastards Now Includes a Free Download of The Seven Bastards

If you purchased Wretched Bastards at DrivethruRPG or Big Geek Emporium, you can now download The Seven Bastards scenario for free. If you haven’t purchased it yet, well it’s a good reason to do it now as it includes a free 76-page scenario.

The Seven Bastards:

Years ago a group of lewd and rowdy adventurers, collectively known as The Seven Bastards, was expelled from the village of Fork for their belligerent and salacious ways. But when consecutive bands of orcs start coming down from the mountains south of the village, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the locals find no support in their lord, Windom, the Earl of Andril, too distracted with the mysterious disappearance of his young daughter to care about any other trouble. The villagers turn to the only ones who can help them in a time of need, the Bastards.

The Seven Bastards includes:

– A detailed location – the village of Fork – complete with NPCs and enough plot hooks for several sandbox-style adventures

– Seven pregenerated characters

– More information about the Wretched Bastards setting, the world of Antillia, including antagonist factions and ancient history

– Carousing activities for Bastard characters

– Using cards as a random event/ encounter generator

NOTE: This pdf is now free to donwload when you buy the Wretched Bastards core book 

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Wretched Quickstarts (Drivethru and BGE)

Not news, but I think it needs a reminder: There are quickstart versions of all games in the Wretched series available for download at DrivethruRPG and Big Geek Emporium. And not just any old quickstart, ours are almost full games.

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Welcome to The Red Room, RPGPundit

The RPGPundit was our guest in yesterday’s Livestream. We talked about Sword & Caravan, Social Encounters, Polish folk tales, D&D, the origins of tango and what to do in Uruguay, among other subjects. Check it out!

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Bastards Sale (all Items 25% Off)

Starting today and ending next Sunday, all Wretched Bastards books will be on sale at DrivethruRPG.

Wretched Bastards core book:

A Fistful of Wretchedness Bundle:

Deviants & Dirty Deeds issues 1 and 2:–Dirty-Deeds?cPath=41674_42403–Dirty-Deeds?cPath=41674_42403

Seven Bastards Trilogy Bundle:

Strong Female Antagonists Bundle:

The Goat Lady:

Furry Bastards:


The Seven Bastards:

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The Red Room: New in Print

The Goat Lady is now available as a black and white softcover at DrivethruRPG

It’s also at

(In)sanatorium is available at Lulu as a softcover:

Something Wretched This Way Comes available as a softcover at Lulu:

In Wretched Depravity available as a softcover at Lulu:

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Updated Wretched Bastards Coming Soon

As we mentioned since the beginning, Wretched Bastards, and the Wretched system itself, is a work in progress. That’s why the Red Room’s OSR dark fantasy game already had so many changes that a real update is needed. The changes aren’t enough to be called a second edition, though it will be given a new layout. It’s a revised edition with a new look, as it wasn’t just the rules that changed a bit over the last five months; my layout skills have also improved. So, this will be free to all who have purchased the game. The latest Wretched Bastards version (1.7) will remain available if you prefer the original look and more straightforward game mechanics. There will be a print on demand option as well (the original version will still be available for pod as well).

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The Goat Lady Released (and some weekend Discounts)

The Goat Lady, by Silvia Clemente – Released

Big Geek Emporium:


On the Westernmost part of Kharabas, one can find the Kingdom of Baetica, a strange and eerie place inhabited by rude and superstitious folk. At the heart of the country stands the Biscaya mountains; they are ancient and mysterious, a place feared by most Baeticans. The ruler of Biscaya, lady Lydia Alvarez, seeks protection from her unruly subjects. What seemed to be an easy job for an experienced group of bastards will become trickier once the party discovers an ancient evil has been unleashed in the mountains, and it must be stopped before it is too late. A scenario inspired by an old Portuguese folk tale, The Got-footed Lady, Richard Donner’s 1985 fantasy tale Ladyhawke and several low-budget horror movies.

Also, a reminder that there’s a special discount for Wretched New Flesh: Postcards from Avalidad during the weekend at Drivethru