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Wretched Darkness Now Available in Softcover (

Wretched Darkness, the OSR game of mature horror, is now available in softcover at

Welcome to the nightmarish realms of the Wretchedverse, where horrors lurk around every corner, and the darkness hides untold terrors. Wretched Darkness is a mature horror role-playing game where players take on the roles of anti-hero characters who must face the unknown and confront the supernatural and the paranormal head-on. Wretched Darkness may be played as a dark fantasy game or you can make it into an actual horror experience. Players can choose from several factions for their characters, some already featured in previous Wretched games, such as the Knights of Cydonnia, BurroughsTech, the Araknyd Brotherhood and the Daughters of Ksenia, and a few new ones, like the Warden Foundation and the Children of the Night. By default, the game is set in modern times, in urban environments, where danger lurks at every turn and death is never far away. However, you can use it to play horror games in different timelines. Combine it with Wretched Époque or Wretched Country for a 19th-century terrifying experience, pair it up with Wretched New Flesh – Postcards from Avalidad for a near-future surrealistic horror campaign, jump into the far future by using Wretched Space, or set it in any other age. This book presents you with a sandbox-style setting inspired by the works of masters of horror, such as Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, John Carpenter, George Romero, Wes Craven, Dario Argento, Tobe Hooper, Lucio Fulci and Mario Bava, but expect sources of inspiration as varied as William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, William Gibson, Paul Auster, exploitation movies and Leonard Cohen’s poetry. As a Game Master, you will find here tools and game mastering hints for running any style of horror game, such as Giallo, gore, supernatural, psychological, apocalyptic, surreal, sci-fi horror and more. Wretched Darkness uses a revised version of the Wretched mechanics, an old-school set of rules designed for playing characters that are not necessarily good or virtuous. The revised rules are still entirely compatible with previous versions, but they include new mechanics for sanity and the use of magic, as well as several new classes and playable races, such as Incubus/ Succubus, Loup-Garou, and the Wampyr. Player characters are also more vulnerable than they were in previous Wretched games: The Hit Point increase was downgraded (now by default you don’t roll for Hit Points when you level up, you only get 1 additional point per leve) and the level cap is set at 10
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Sexual Holocaust is Now FREE at Big Geek Emporium

Sexual Holocaust, the horror scenario that DrivethruRPG would only allow if censored, is now available for FREE at Big Geek Emporium, with a new cover, new layout and naughtier AI-generated art.

So what is Sexual Holocaust? For starters not as “problematic” as I made it sound… It’s mature horror, it’s NFSW, but if you are alright with exploitation horror, you’ll survive it.

This 78-page scenario takes place in a fictional town, Hammettville, known among its inhabitants as Crime City, and it should be set from the early 1970s to mid-1980s, as those decades are more in line with the kind of horror movie being emulated. As with every other Red Room scenario, this is a sandbox-style adventure with enough information and plot seeds to last from a one-shot to a small campaign.

So why are we giving it away? Let’s face it, to sell an independent, niche, mature horror scenario that we can’t even sell at the largest online RPG store is difficult… So, we better turn it into a marketing tool. If you like it, please consider looking at other Red Room products. We promise there are fewer nipples in all the others!

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#Selfpromosaturday: Behold the Wretchedverse!

If you don’t know it yet here’s an invitation to discover the Wretchedverse, a series of old-school role-playing games and adventures where the players take the role of anti-heroes in cinematic settings. Available in digital format and print-on-demand at DrivethruRPG, Big Geek Emporium and Lulu. If you would like to know more… just download the free quickstarts following one of the two links:

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The Red Room: New in Print

The Goat Lady is now available as a black and white softcover at DrivethruRPG

It’s also at

(In)sanatorium is available at Lulu as a softcover:

Something Wretched This Way Comes available as a softcover at Lulu:

In Wretched Depravity available as a softcover at Lulu:

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Preparing for Halloween Weekend Sale

Soon there will be discounts on most horror products at DrivethruRPG, but before that, the Red Room has a special offer for you: Discounts on our Wretchploitation series. Take your pick:


Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade)

Orpheum Lofts

Resort of the Dead

The Memorial

The Sisters of the Seven Sins

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In Wretched Depravity Released

In Wretched Depravity, our second Halloween scenario was just released at DrivethruRPG and Big Geek Emporium.…/In-Wretched-Depravity

Inspired heavily by the movie The Dead House, in this Wretchploitation scenario, by Joe Coombs , the players may take the role of a gang of psychotic house invaders, the family inhabiting the house or even the authorities investigating the case. Besides the conflict between the gang and the family members, there will be many other events, mundane and supernatural. So, whether you’re looking for a fun one-shot night of horror or something that could be much more expansive, then (hopefully) this will be an explosive fuel for your inspiration.

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Weekend Discounts: Big Geek Emporium

Wretched New Flesh:


Sexual Holocaust:

Resort of the Dead:

Double Feature:

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Wretchploitation 50% Off

There’s a 50% discount on Wretchploitation also available at the Big Geek Emporium during the weekend. If you still haven’t the old-school RPG of exploitation film, this is probably a good time to purchase it.

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Orpheum Lofts on Drivethru and 50% Discount on Wretchploitation

Orpheum Lofts (Wretched version) is now available on Drivethru.

Also, there will be a special 50% discount on the purchase of Wretchploitation, the OSR game of exploitation film; just click on this link:

Orpheum Lofts

Orpheum Lofts is a thriller/ horror role-playing scenario inspired by Dario Argento’s Three Mothers Trilogy [Suspiria (1977), Inferno (1980) and Mother of Tears (2007)], Polanski’s The Tenant (1976) and Rosemary’s Baby (1968), ’80s and ’90s sitcoms, and romantic comedies. Yes, it’s a strange mix, but it will get weirder… As usual in Red Room adventures, there is no predetermined plot, only suggested ones, and no described scenes; instead, there are many story seeds. Though it was planned for a series of connected stories set in the mid-80s, Orpheum Lofts can easily be turned into a one-shot. The timeline isn’t set in stone either.

This book contains the scenario previously published by Postmortem Studios as part of the Postmortem Giallo series and also part of Her Heart was a Locked Room, and Nobody had theKey: A Giallo Series Companion, adapted to old-school mechanics. If you have purchased those two books do you need this one as well? No, not really.

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The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Edition) – Released

This horror scenario takes place in a Portuguese convent with a dark history of demonic possession, black magic, and Devil worships that, in the mid-1970s, is occupied by a recently founded unusual religious congregation made up of disgraced women who wish to atone for their past, the Reprobate Sisters of the Seven Sins. Players can take the role of nuns, Vatican authorities sent to investigate reports of demoniacal manifestations, reporters interested in exploring the story behind this atypical catholic sisterhood or even criminals working on a devious plan to restore a sinister painting to the convent where it originally belonged.

In this scenario, you will find a summary description of the fictional Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene, located in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, followed by some information about the country during the late 1970s and various detailed characters. This assumes you will run it in Wretchploitation or other modern horror games. But if you’d rather play it as a Wretched Époque scenario, there are notes for adapting each player and non-player character to the Belle Époque and more plot hooks and details about Lisbon in the late 19th century.

Note: The first version of this scenario was published last year by Postmortem Studios. This one has different rules (OSR mechanics for the Wretched system), more plot hooks, for the Belle Époque, and some player handouts.