Wretched Époque Copper Seller on Drivethru

Wretched Époque just made it to Best Copper Seller on Drivethru. It's the third Red Room product to get to copper since April (Wretched Bastards and Daughters of Darkness were the previous ones). Honestly wasn't expecting it, but I guess Époque is a niche that hasn't been quite explored in role-playing games. Like Comment Share

2 Months, 3 Games, 3 Scenarios and 3 Sourcebooks

Is it time for some Wretched self-promo? Sure, why not? We started publishing through The Red Room about two months ago. In two months only we published 3 games, 3 scenarios and 3 sourcebooks (we didn't plan the 3-3-3 it was just a coincidence). So here's our stuff: Wretched Bastards: play anti-heroes in the dark-fantasy, … Continue reading 2 Months, 3 Games, 3 Scenarios and 3 Sourcebooks

Wretched Époque – Released

Wretched Époque takes place in the period known as the Belle Époque. This is the time and the fictional place where Umberto Eco's Simone Simonini crosses paths with Jacques Tardi's Adèle Blanc-Sec, Edgar Allan Poe's Chevalier Auguste Dupin and Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin, amidst anarchist bombings, the echoes of the Dreyfus affair, the catastrophic side … Continue reading Wretched Époque – Released