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(In)Sanatorium Released

(In)Sanatorium Released (Drivethru and Big Geek Emporium)

A Lovecraftian scenario for the old-school horror game Wretched Époque, by Silvia Clemente.

Through the small French town of Royat flows a stream of miraculous water. Still, the spring’s history is also connected to ancient ghost stories, and the locals prefer to avoid it just in case. Until the day an eccentric Russian prince is cured of his long ailment and decides to share the water miracle with the world, building a unique avant-garde Sanatorium & Spa Resort.

However, the townspeople were actually right by fearing those ancient tales; something ancient, unnatural and dangerous lurks in the shadows of the sanatorium and the preternatural cure may come with a heavy price. The answer to this mystery is in the water.

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