Phantoms of Celluloid: Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe) Phantoms of Celluloid, the Red Room channel's new segment about horror/ cult/ bizarre movies, opens with Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe), a franchise which tick all the boxes. Brazilian cult filmmaker José Mojica Marins stared and directed ten films centred on a Nietzschian undertaker obsessed with finding the perfect woman to carry his offspring, … Continue reading Phantoms of Celluloid: Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe)

First 100 YouTube Subscribers!

We've reached our first goal: 100 subscribers in a little less than one month! Thanks to all of you who subbed the Red Room Channel. While we don't plan to be real YouTubers, we'll do our best to keep uploading (interesting?) interviews and reviews. Hopefully better than the previous ones... Now we are aiming at 500

Welcome to the Red Room, RPGPundit The Invisible College is the starting point for the RPGPundit to discuss the Age of Enlightenment, real Magick, Aleister Crowley, his own interest in mysticism, religion and History and how all that fits into his newest role-playing game. He also talked about the different factions in the OSR movement, mockery as the best weapon … Continue reading Welcome to the Red Room, RPGPundit