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Sexual Holocaust is Now FREE at Big Geek Emporium

Sexual Holocaust, the horror scenario that DrivethruRPG would only allow if censored, is now available for FREE at Big Geek Emporium, with a new cover, new layout and naughtier AI-generated art.

So what is Sexual Holocaust? For starters not as “problematic” as I made it sound… It’s mature horror, it’s NFSW, but if you are alright with exploitation horror, you’ll survive it.

This 78-page scenario takes place in a fictional town, Hammettville, known among its inhabitants as Crime City, and it should be set from the early 1970s to mid-1980s, as those decades are more in line with the kind of horror movie being emulated. As with every other Red Room scenario, this is a sandbox-style adventure with enough information and plot seeds to last from a one-shot to a small campaign.

So why are we giving it away? Let’s face it, to sell an independent, niche, mature horror scenario that we can’t even sell at the largest online RPG store is difficult… So, we better turn it into a marketing tool. If you like it, please consider looking at other Red Room products. We promise there are fewer nipples in all the others!

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