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Red Room (Un)Awarded by Portuguese Gaming Con for Wokist Reasons

A couple of weeks ago, the Red Room received an award from a local gaming con, Rolisboa. We found it a bit strange, as we know the people involved in it are mostly wokists; but we do have some friends in the Portuguese role-playing community and didn’t want to be rude, so we accepted the award. Apparently, the wokists made a very amateurish mistake: They forgot to do a background check on The Red Room. Meanwhile, they found out we are “on the wrong side of History” and the award was taken away! I suppose they were afraid to endanger their partnership with woke game publisher such as Magpie Games and Evil Hat (with sponsors like these, no one needs enemies!). Anyway, remember when they say cancel culture is a far-right myth. Yeah, yeah… It isn’t.

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