Wretched GM Screen – RELEASED

Wretched GM Screen (inserts) - RELEASED A set of landscape-oriented inserts (8x 8.5" x 11" pages) for Wretched Game Masters. Four are illustrated panels with evocative and wretched art by Warghoul (aka Lore Forge Meister) who also did the cover and some interior art for Wretchploitation. The inner panels contain rules references and tables for … Continue reading Wretched GM Screen – RELEASED

Deviants & Dirty Deeds on DrivethruRPG (PWYW)

Travelling together purely for their own profit and unreasonable gains, they are a heartless, callous, and fearless bunch of reprobates. They protect, honour and obey purely for their own good. Taking on jobs, slitting throats and hunting orcs just to satisfy their lust for blood. More pre-generated characters for The Seven Bastards, a couple of new … Continue reading Deviants & Dirty Deeds on DrivethruRPG (PWYW)

#ttrpg #osr Plans for Wretched Bastards

There were small adjustments made to our initial plan, so here's how it will go: - Daughters of Darkness is a small introductory scenario for the Wretched Bastards game setting. You can purchase it on DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/394444/World-of-Bastards-Daughters-of-Darkness - The Wretched rules are OSR, mostly compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and many other games. … Continue reading #ttrpg #osr Plans for Wretched Bastards

#ttrpg #osr Daughters of Darkness RELEASED

Daughters of Darkness, the introductory scenario for the Wretched Bastards world, is set in the idyllic countryside landscapes of the Var Valley, one of the most fertile lands in Antillia. Not anymore, though: there's a mysterious plague rotting the crops. Ultimately the rot will get to the souls of the locals, unless a bunch of … Continue reading #ttrpg #osr Daughters of Darkness RELEASED