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Deviants & Dirty Deeds on DrivethruRPG (PWYW)

Travelling together purely for their own profit and unreasonable gains, they are a heartless, callous, and fearless bunch of reprobates. They protect, honour and obey purely for their own good. Taking on jobs, slitting throats and hunting orcs just to satisfy their lust for blood. More pre-generated characters for The Seven Bastards, a couple of new locations and random tables by Joe Coombs.–Dirty-Deeds

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Wretched Country (Coming Soon)

Wretched Country will do for the western genre what Wretched Bastards does for fantasy: it will be an old-school game meant for playing anti-hero characters. The spaghetti western, already referenced as a source of inspiration for the OSR dark-fantasy Bastards, now takes centre stage. The book will include:

– Wretched rules adapted to play a western game.

– The Devil’s Country a western-themed horror scenario about an international film crew travelling to Spain to shoot a movie believed to be cursed.

– Hellstone, a setting that can be used to run spaghetti, classic or weird west adventures.

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The Red Room is a Publisher Now

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The Seven Bastards – Now Available on DrivethruRPG

Years ago a group of lewd and rowdy adventurers, collectively known as The Seven Bastards, was expelled from the village of Fork for their belligerent and salacious ways. But when consecutive bands of orcs start coming down from the mountains south of the village, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the locals find no support in their lord, Windom, the Earl of Andril, too distracted with the mysterious disappearance of his young daughter to care about any other trouble. The villagers turn to the only ones who can help them in a time of need, the Bastards.

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Welcome to the Red Room, Venger Satanis

Venger came back to the Red Room to talk about Cha’alt: Chartreuse Shadows, the indie role-playing game community, game mastering sleazy scenarios, the wokification of the RPG industry, and other subjects.