Welcome to the Red Room, Chris Miller

We talked to Chris Miller about his own role-playing game, science-fantasy ANKUR: Kingdom of the Gods, and also about Sword and Caravan, an upcoming RPGPundit OSR setting book about the Crusades and the Silk Road,, which will be published by Miller's Mad Scribe Games. https://youtu.be/pIJWM4tjND0

Welcome to the Red Room, James Edward Raggi IV

https://youtu.be/08-aOqmEGmo We had a lovely chat with James Raggi about horror films, heavy metal music, how not to learn Finnish while living in Finland, transgression, Satanic Panics, easily offended people and self-censorship. We might have mentioned a role-playing game called Lamentations of the Flame Princess...

Welcome to the Red Room, Liam Thompson

https://youtu.be/xf7LxXXm8IY In today´s episode our guest is British game designer and Red Room dweller Liam Thompson. Liam talked about his body horror, biopunk, science fiction role-playing game Sanctions, upcoming projects and his background as gamer and designer.