As Above, so Below Teaser #3

FACTIONS FROM AVALIDAD: ZONESEC A unified security force in charge of enforcing the law in Avalidad, though it really works like a state police. Clayton Reed leads a shady spec-ops team - unofficially part of ZoneSec -, which was already featured in the core setting book. Reed and part of his group (Darius Jefferson, Eva … Continue reading As Above, so Below Teaser #3

As Above, so Below Teaser #1

"I know this will all sound strange, the ravings of a madman, but I swear on my mother's grave, everything I'm about to tell you really happened! It was a week ago, I was coming back from a pub.... And before you ask me anything about it, yes, I'd had a few drinks, but I … Continue reading As Above, so Below Teaser #1

Unscripted & Unchained (Interview)

A few days ago I was interviewed by DM Bluddworth for his YouTube Channel Unscripted & Unchained RPG Review. We talked about my background as a role-playing gamer and my recent experience of publishing my own scenarios through Postmortem Studios. You can check out the interview here:

As Above, So Below (Coming Soon)

as above, so below, Postcards from Avalidad's first scenario is almost ready for release. This time James Grim Desborough is not doing the layout nor cover design, Manuel Sousa is taking care of that. Here's a sneak peek: as-above-so-below-previewDownload YOU CAN PURCHASE THE FIRST *PUNK GAME SETTING, POSTCARDS FROM AVALIDAD, IN POSTMORTEM STUDIO'S STORE, DRIVETHRURPG AND LULU.COM

Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #4

DREAMACHINE: presented by Selene Kelyah (pictured), Nassima and Jared Hassani, this is one of the most popular programs ever in the history of broadcast television. Dreamachine has no actual theme or genre; it basically just follows the trends and presents what the viewers are expected to watch at the right time and place. It is tailored for specific audiences, depending on the country it is being exhibited in, and there are individual options for spectators from different walks of life.

Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #3

A single drop of blood fell in the exact centre of the lake. It opened a wound in the crystalline waters. The wound rippled outwards in slow undulating cries of silent pain. Silence. The wound bled and the pond was dark red. An unborn child fell into the thick liquid, and drowned. He raised the … Continue reading Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #3