Postcards 1.5 (Coming Soon)

One of the next releases just got it's cover ready. Postcards 1.5 will be a Postcards from Avalidad companion, including a city guide that adds more flavour to the City’s description, optional rules for psionic powers, a larger equipment list, and details about other corporations of note, some more character stats, among other things. 1Silvia … Continue reading Postcards 1.5 (Coming Soon)

Giallo Companion Now Available on Lulu

The Giallo Companion is now available on PoD from Lulu. The companion includes info about the genre and adapting it to role-playing games, rules for running Giallo scenarios with *Punk (fear, sanity, advantages and disadvantages and expanded critical hits inspired by Blood!), the one-shot scenario Her Heart Was a Locked Room and Nobody had the … Continue reading Giallo Companion Now Available on Lulu

Giallo Companio Available Now

The Giallo Companion is available now at Postmortem Studios' store and DrivethruRPG (coming soon to Lulu). This is a companion book to the Postmortem Giallo RPG. Includes: - An introduction on Giallo in movies and role-playing games - Rules for running giallo scenarios in *Punk (fear, sanity, advantages and disadvantages, expanded critical hits inspired by … Continue reading Giallo Companio Available Now