Welcome to the Red Room Josh Peters (Stellagama Publishing)

We had Josh Peters from Stellagama Publishing as a guest. We chatted about the newly released Cepheus Deluxe Expanded edition and a bunch of other subjects, including chicken fast food, captain Alatriste and Leonard Cohen's french accent. Check it out! https://youtu.be/0w-rzKuhmL4

Welcome to The Red Room, RPGPundit

The RPGPundit was our guest in yesterday's Livestream. We talked about Sword & Caravan, Social Encounters, Polish folk tales, D&D, the origins of tango and what to do in Uruguay, among other subjects. Check it out! https://youtu.be/wj3c2fS5luE

The RPGPundit Returns to the Red Room

Later today (11pm GM; 6pm Central Time) I and Silvia Clemente are going to face the Final Boss of the Internet Shitlords, the RPGPundit, for the second time. Time to level up again! It will be a Livestream, so show up and ask him some questions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWSlwp85kZEpSTTKg5Z4ieg

We Were Interviewed by Mildra For the Monastery


Welcome to the Red Room, Omer Golan-Joel

Today's Red Room guest is Omer Golan-Joel, from Stellagama Publishing, author of Cepheus Deluxe, The Sword of Cepheus, Barbaric and These Stars are Ours!, among other titles. https://youtu.be/PJ2rMgeKz2I

Welcome to The Red Room, Mildra the Monk


Welcome to the Red Room, Melissa Guyll

Today's guest at the Red Room is Melissa Guyll, co-author of Dungeons & Delvers with her husband David Guyll. https://youtu.be/uBpaq1fbC_c

Welcome to the Red Room, Alexander Macris

Today's Red Room guest is Alexander Macris, author of the successful Ascendant RPG, the superpowered role-playing game of infinite possibilities. https://youtu.be/8ltvLy3OyLY

Welcome to the Red Room, Legion of Myth

Today's Red Room guests are Heathendog and Max Liao. We had a fun chat about their YouTube channel, role-playing games we love, Max's game design projects and… well, and pronouns, we had to talk about pronouns! https://youtu.be/uRBGHFFklbY

Welcome to the Red Room, Timothy Connolly

Timothy Connolly talks about his experience running an online campaign of 1st edition AD&D at the Benchleydale Academy. He started (reluctantly) playing by Zoom about two years ago, during lockdown, but now will not go back to live gaming sessions. https://youtu.be/H15otMvfdKg