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Coldheart Canyon: In the Mouth of Madness: (In)Sanatorium: All Bets are Off: Wretched Bastards REVISED: Wretched Space is available, but it's not yet the expanded version!

Wretched Space 1.4 (expanded) Available for Download

As previously mentioned, instead of publishing a setting sourcebook for Wretched Space, we decided to do the same as in Bastards: introducing setting information in each scenario. But there's some basic info needed, so that's where Wretched Space 1.4 comes in: it has 70 more pages with more creatures, planets and plot hooks, a more … Continue reading Wretched Space 1.4 (expanded) Available for Download

Announcement About Wretched Space

I've been working on a setting for our most recent game release, Wretched Space. Initially, it was meant to be a standalone release, but since the setting I am developing was already hinted at in the core book, I've decided that it would make more sense to release an expanded edition of Wretched Space, including … Continue reading Announcement About Wretched Space

Wretched Space: Print-on-Demand at DrivethruRPG

Wretched Space is now available for print-on-demand at Drivethru. As usual, It's also available at

Wretched New Space Quickstart Now Available at Drivethru

Wretched is an old-school role-playing game designed to play anti-hero characters in a cinematic setting. In Wretched Space, the genre is space opera. But unlike most other space operas, this one isn’t about heroic characters whose actions have significant consequences for the future of civilization. Here you are meant to play on a smaller scale, … Continue reading Wretched New Space Quickstart Now Available at Drivethru