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Wretched Space 1.4 (expanded) Available for Download

As previously mentioned, instead of publishing a setting sourcebook for Wretched Space, we decided to do the same as in Bastards: introducing setting information in each scenario. But there’s some basic info needed, so that’s where Wretched Space 1.4 comes in: it has 70 more pages with more creatures, planets and plot hooks, a more detailed description of the Galactic Federation, new factions, major characters and suggestions to use the Beyond in a space opera game. And don’t feel cheated if you have previously purchased it in print: in case you decide to get a copy of the expanded version, we will send you a special discount, so you’ll pay only for printing costs. But, for now, 1.4 it’s just in digital format; we still have some proofreading to do before committing to print.

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