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EPIC! Released

EPIC! was just released on Drivethru and Big Geek Empirum (as usual, print-on-demand will be available soon at Lulu and DTRPG)
EPIC! is Sílvia Clemente’s entry to Darrick Dishaw’s Cha’alt Game Jam:
In the Adityan homeworld, The Cronos, an ancient power source, has awakened and disrupted from its slumber by events taking place far away on the remote desert planet Cha’alt. The Cronos will drag its Adityan Guards all the way across the galaxy and into the path of a group of scoundrels forcefully recruited to police the ass of the Galaxy – also known as the Outer Rim – as part of the Wretched Legion. Neither Adityans nor Legionaries are interested or prepared to save the Galaxy. First and foremost, they must survive the threats and treachery of Theta Blue, the most infamous space station in the system.
This Wretched Space scenario was written for the Cha’alt Game Jam and it is the first episode for Wretched Cha’alt, a series of adventures mixing the two universes. EPIC! is inspired by Alpha Blue, and takes place mainly in Theta Blue, a wretched knock-off of the famous space brothel.

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