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All Quiet in the Wretched Front?

Apparently, things have been quiet in the Red Room, “apparently” being the keyword. Actually, a lot has been done over the last few weeks. Welcome to St Cloud, a Lynchian campaign setting, that is ready for release minus a cover by the Basic Expert. It will probably be available next week. EPIC!, Sílvia’s Wretched Space/ Cha’alt/ Alpha Blue scenario for Venger’s game jam is ready. We’re only waiting for Venger to take a look at it. Meanwhile, Joe Coombs and Joseph McSkeever have been working on their own projects, and Silvia is about to start writing a new Bastards scenario.
As for me, I have been revising the new Wretched rules with the help of Matthew “Lordamatteus” Thomas (right now, he’s doing the editing). I have commissioned a cover and interior illustrations from Joe Tanaka, a Spanish artist who is also going to do a Cha’alt webcomic for Venger Satanis. This week I have started writing a new scenario, this one for Wretched Darkness, inspired by Umberto Eco’s Foulcaut’s Pendulum. So, a lot has been going on!

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