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Wretched New Space Quickstart Now Available at Drivethru

Wretched is an old-school role-playing game designed to play anti-hero characters in a cinematic setting. In Wretched Space, the genre is space opera. But unlike most other space operas, this one isn’t about heroic characters whose actions have significant consequences for the future of civilization. Here you are meant to play on a smaller scale, and the higher purpose your character serves is his own self-interest. That doesn’t imply you’re playing a villain. You can still traverse the galaxy, enjoying extraordinary adventures and possibly even helping others. The characters will most likely commit crimes and exhibit contempt for other people’s rights and well being, but perhaps they will wind up saving the day after all. This quickstart contains enough information to be fully playable, but it lacks spaceship rules (combat, creation, customization, etc), planet creation tables, adversaries stats, plot hooks, psionics and magic.

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