The RPGPundit reviewed Wretched Époque

Check it out here:

TheRPGPundit reviewed Wretched Country

The RPGPundit reviewed Wretched Country and... he didn't hate it. He actually liked it. I think this is a pretty good sign, he can be a bit harsh in his reviews. Well, go watch the video and, if you think it's worth it, pick up Wretched Country.

Venger’s Review: The Sisters of the Seven Sins

Venger Satanis reviewed the giallo/ nunsploitation scenario The Sisters of the Seven Sins.

The Red Room Patreon Account

Why should this bum have a Patreon account? Well, I can only think of a couple of good reasons: maintaining the Red Room blog and YouTube channel have some inherent costs and, if I am to take reviews a little more seriously, I need to purchase reviewing material. I'm not expecting to have regular patrons … Continue reading The Red Room Patreon Account

Red Room Reviews: Noctum

We reviewed another underappreciated gem for the Red Room YouTube channel: Noctum, a mature horror role-playing game, ideal for people who like things such as Kult and SLA Industries (or my own horror scenarios).

YouTube Channel: Please Subscribe!

As previously announced, the Red Room now has also a YouTube channel. It's still small, so we need people to subscribe and share. For now we're aiming at 100 subscribers. Thanks!