Welcome to St. Cloud Reviewed by the Basic Expert


Red Room: The Year in (P)review

This has been a busy year here in the Red Room, with six books published by Postmortem Studios: Orpheum Lofts. The Memorial, The Sisters of the Seven Sins, Welcome to St. Cloud, Postcards from Avalidad and As Above, So Below.

Welcome to St. Cloud – End of Season Report

After five months and twelve play sessions, the first season of Welcome to St. Cloud came to a timely ending yesterday, on Halloween night. I'm pleased to report that, after all that time, we've barely scratched the surface of St. Cloud’s mysteries SPOILER ALERT: even though no two playthroughs should be alike, the report includes … Continue reading Welcome to St. Cloud – End of Season Report

As Above, So Below – RELEASED!

#ttrpg As Above, So Below - RELEASED

This Old House (by Joe Coombs)

A Nightmare Railroad for four players and one Game Master, based on ideas taken from the Giallo Trilogy, Welcome to St. Cloud and Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, published by Postmortem Studios. [PHOTOS BY SÍLVIA CLEMENTE]Acknowledgements: This Old House is tribute to the following films: Evil Dead, Gothic, Poltergeist, Dead Alive aka Braindead, The … Continue reading This Old House (by Joe Coombs)

Unscripted & Unchained (Interview)

A few days ago I was interviewed by DM Bluddworth for his YouTube Channel Unscripted & Unchained RPG Review. We talked about my background as a role-playing gamer and my recent experience of publishing my own scenarios through Postmortem Studios. You can check out the interview here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgoX8n_4hKI&t=698s

Mr. Mean Speaks! (Postmortem Studios scenarios)

John Polack did a video overview of Postmortem Studios Giallo trilogy, Welcome to St. Cloud and Postcards from Avalidad for his Youtube channel Mr. Mean Speaks! Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/c/MrMeanSpeaksJohnPolack

Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #3

A single drop of blood fell in the exact centre of the lake. It opened a wound in the crystalline waters. The wound rippled outwards in slow undulating cries of silent pain. Silence. The wound bled and the pond was dark red. An unborn child fell into the thick liquid, and drowned. He raised the … Continue reading Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #3

Please stand by…

After five releases – the Giallo trilogy, Welcome to St. Cloud and Postcards from Avalidad – there will be a pause… No, I haven't given up, nor have I run out of ideas (not yet, at least). But James 'Grim' Desborough has his own game to finish: Wightchester is about to enter Crowdfunding stage. Since … Continue reading Please stand by…

Welcome to St. Cloud

A loving homage to Twin Peaks, David Lynch and other surreal modern fantasy/horror, St. Cloud gives you a bunch of people, with secrets, an unspeakable evil and a lot of options for a short campaign in a very strange place.