Welcome to St. Cloud

A loving homage to Twin Peaks, David Lynch and other surreal modern fantasy/horror, St. Cloud gives you a bunch of people, with secrets, an unspeakable evil and a lot of options for a short campaign in a very strange place.

Surreal Soapish Storytelling

When, in late 1990, I started watching Twin Peaks for the first time, there was no way I could guess that, years after, it would become my main source of inspiration as a games master. At the time I was still playing Dungeons & Dragons, so there was little I could salvage from a bizarre soap opera with a touch of dark humour and subtle hints of the supernatural. Only when I picked up Kult, Vampire, and other more narratively inclined games, did David Lynch’s cult TV show have any effect on my role-playing game scenarios. But, even then, I wasn’t quite aware of it.

#TTRPG – Welcome to St Cloud RELEASED! A Lynchian, surreal horror homage