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Please stand by…

After five releases – the Giallo trilogy, Welcome to St. Cloud and Postcards from Avalidad – there will be a pause… No, I haven’t given up, nor have I run out of ideas (not yet, at least). But James ‘Grim’ Desborough has his own game to finish: Wightchester is about to enter Crowdfunding stage. Since he’s the one doing his magic and turning my words into something you can work with, for a while the Red Room will appear to be quiet. Appearances can be deceiving, though. We will keep publishing interviews and some new content for the previous releases.


We’re working on a new game setting for *Punk and there are already two Double Features written and ready for layout. The Double Feature scenarios try to emulate the Grindhouse phenomenon of the 1970s in a role-playing framework. There are now four of those short scenarios, prepared to be paired up in two volumes. And perhaps more to come…

Double Features:
Sexual Holocaust: the fictional town of Hammettville, New York, is shaken by a series of gruesome and mysterious murders. The victim are all members of a sadomasochism private club.

Brides of the Vampire: a collection of plot hooks, set in different time periods, introduced along one character’s story: Nikolai Andreievich Petrov, an old Eastern European vampire.

The Devil’s Country: a story within a story scenario about a movie cast and crew about to shoot a spaghetti western based on a cursed movie script. Players start out as movie industry people, later slipping into their characters in a western town outside our own reality.

Resort of the Dead: a George Romero/ J.G. Ballard crossover about a Zombie Apocalypse set in a formerly luxurious – but now decaying – summer resort in Portugal, during the 1980s.


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