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Let’s Put Some New Flesh on Those Bones!

Wretched New Flesh is a large core book with a lot of content and last year we’ve released All Bets are Off, the alternate setting of near-future Lisbon. However, we have not released any new content for Wretched New Flesh since then. Fear not, for we are about to remedy this.

Soon, we will be launching the next instalment of Wretched Verses, titled Press the Flesh. This one-shot scenario, penned by Judd Goswick, transports players to the intriguing locale of Avalidad. Additionally, we will be debuting the first in a series of micro-settings that explore cities within the New Flesh universe. The inaugural setting features Novanexus, a French city inspired by the films of Jacques Tati, such as Playtime, Traffic, and Mon Oncle(admittedly, this may seem like an unconventional source of inspiration for Wretched New Flesh, but strangeness is a vital part of New Flesh).

Right after that, we will release Wretched New Flesh – Orbital Decay a gritty science-fiction sourcebook. Building upon the surreal and nightmarish world of New Flesh, Orbital Decay explores the depths of human ambition, desperation, and depravity as we venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere, establishing orbital stations and colonies on other planets within the solar system. This expansion draws heavy inspiration from iconic films such as Alien, Aliens, Outland, Escape from New York, Stalker, Solaris, Event Horizon, and Pandorum, expertly weaving themes of isolation, claustrophobia, desperation, fear, and horror into the fabric of its narrative.

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