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EPIC!: A Teaser For The Red Room’s Cha’alt Game Jam Scenario

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Cha’alt Game Jam: The Red Room Will be a Part of It

EPIC! a Wretched Cha’ alt adventure by Sílvia Clemente will be The Room’s entry to the Cha’alt Game Jam between, taking place January 1st and February 14th. During that time, gamers will have an open license window to create stuff related to Venger Satanis’ Cha’alt intellectual property (extending that to include Crimson Dragon Slayer, Alpha Blue and Encounter Critical (both the original and new edition). You can find more information about it in Venger’s blog.

EPIC!, being written by Sílvia for the Cha’alt Game Jam, will be the first episode for Wretched Cha’alt, a series of adventures mixing the two universes. The scenario will take place mainly in Theta Blue, a space station inspired by Alpha Blue.

In EPIC! the Cronos, an ancient power source, was awakened and disrupted by events taking place far away on the remote desert planet, Cha’alt. The Cronos will drag its Adityan Guards across the galaxy and into the path of a group of scoundrels forcibly recruited to police the ass of the Galaxy – also known as the Outer Rim – as part of the Wretched Legion. Neither Adityans nor Legionaries are prepared or interested in saving the galaxy, although the Cronos has seen signs they will. First and foremost, they must survive the dangers and treachery of Theta Blue, the most infamous space station in the system.

Author’s note:
I was preparing our first adventure for Wretched Space when Venger Satanis announced a Cha’alt Game Jam; torturing my players with a Bastards Cha’alt crossover was already in my plans, so I decided to take the opportunity to make something more ambitious. EPIC! It will be the first in a series of adventures crossing Wretched and Cha’alt universes and takes place mainly in a space station built in the style of Alpha Blue; using both Alpha Blue and Wretched Space as source books will help you get more out of this adventure.
Sílvia Clemente