Postcards 1.5 (Coming Soon)

One of the next releases just got it's cover ready. Postcards 1.5 will be a Postcards from Avalidad companion, including a city guide that adds more flavour to the City’s description, optional rules for psionic powers, a larger equipment list, and details about other corporations of note, some more character stats, among other things. 1Silvia … Continue reading Postcards 1.5 (Coming Soon)

We Have Such Sights to Show You!

We have such sights to show you! Planned role-playing game releases for 2022: Two Double Features (Grindhouse and Spaguetti cinema, including Sílvia's debut, sleazy dark fantasy The Seven Bastards), Nouveaupunk: Chronicles of the Belle Époque, atompunk setting Tales of Future Past and more…