Copper Seller Discount Weekend @Drivethru

The Seven Bastards is now Best Copper Seller at DrivethruRPG, the Red Room's fourth book to get to copper since April when we first started as publishers. So let's celebrate it with discounts on our best-selling titles: Wretched Bastards: Wretched Époque: World of Bastards: Daughters of Darkess: World of Bastards: The Seven … Continue reading Copper Seller Discount Weekend @Drivethru

Wretched Époque Copper Seller on Drivethru

Wretched Époque just made it to Best Copper Seller on Drivethru. It's the third Red Room product to get to copper since April (Wretched Bastards and Daughters of Darkness were the previous ones). Honestly wasn't expecting it, but I guess Époque is a niche that hasn't been quite explored in role-playing games. Like Comment Share

The Seven Bastards – Now Available on DrivethruRPG

Years ago a group of lewd and rowdy adventurers, collectively known as The Seven Bastards, was expelled from the village of Fork for their belligerent and salacious ways. But when consecutive bands of orcs start coming down from the mountains south of the village, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the locals find … Continue reading The Seven Bastards – Now Available on DrivethruRPG