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Latest Red Room Items in Print (

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The Red Room: New in Print

The Goat Lady is now available as a black and white softcover at DrivethruRPG

It’s also at

(In)sanatorium is available at Lulu as a softcover:

Something Wretched This Way Comes available as a softcover at Lulu:

In Wretched Depravity available as a softcover at Lulu:

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Wretched Époque is Best Silver Seller!

Good news: Wretched Époque made it to Best Silver Seller at DrivethruRPG. Thanks to everybody who helped make this happen. And… there will be more entries in the Époque line soon.

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(In)Sanatorium Coming Soon

(In)Sanatorium, a Wretched Époque scenario by Silvia Clemente, will be the Red Rooms’ next release. Coming soon.

Through the small French town of Royat flows a stream of miraculous water. Still, the spring’s history is also connected to ancient ghost stories, and the locals prefer to avoid it just in case. Until the day an eccentric Russian prince is cured of his long ailment and decides to share the water miracle with the world, building a unique avant-garde Sanatorium & Spa Resort.

However, the townspeople were actually right by fearing those ancient tales; something ancient, unnatural and dangerous lurks in the shadows of the sanatorium and the preternatural cure may come with a heavy price. The answer to this mystery is in the water.

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Mail Call: Wretched Époque and three LotFP scenarios

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2 Months, 3 Games, 3 Scenarios and 3 Sourcebooks

Is it time for some Wretched self-promo? Sure, why not?

We started publishing through The Red Room about two months ago. In two months only we published 3 games, 3 scenarios and 3 sourcebooks (we didn’t plan the 3-3-3 it was just a coincidence). So here’s our stuff:

Wretched Bastards: play anti-heroes in the dark-fantasy, low-magic world of Antillia in this OSR RPG.

Daughters of Darkness, Sound of Madness and The Seven Bastards: three scenarios by Silvia Clemente, set in the World of Bastards.

Scurvy: explore Husks Key and face the wretched crew of Captain Barbafuchsia.

Furry Bastards: anthropomorphic mutant races for Wretched Bastards.

Deviants & Dirty Deeds: pregens and plot-hooks for Wretched Bastards, by Joe Coombs.

Wretched Country: a western-themed OSR role-playing game, especially adequate for spaghetti western-styled campaign.

Wretched Époque: investigate supernatural, paranormal or mundane mysteries in Paris of the Belle Époque (or just be a wretched villain and be pursued by others).

The Red Room’s games at DrivethruRPG:

…and at