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2 Months, 3 Games, 3 Scenarios and 3 Sourcebooks

Is it time for some Wretched self-promo? Sure, why not?

We started publishing through The Red Room about two months ago. In two months only we published 3 games, 3 scenarios and 3 sourcebooks (we didn’t plan the 3-3-3 it was just a coincidence). So here’s our stuff:

Wretched Bastards: play anti-heroes in the dark-fantasy, low-magic world of Antillia in this OSR RPG.

Daughters of Darkness, Sound of Madness and The Seven Bastards: three scenarios by Silvia Clemente, set in the World of Bastards.

Scurvy: explore Husks Key and face the wretched crew of Captain Barbafuchsia.

Furry Bastards: anthropomorphic mutant races for Wretched Bastards.

Deviants & Dirty Deeds: pregens and plot-hooks for Wretched Bastards, by Joe Coombs.

Wretched Country: a western-themed OSR role-playing game, especially adequate for spaghetti western-styled campaign.

Wretched Époque: investigate supernatural, paranormal or mundane mysteries in Paris of the Belle Époque (or just be a wretched villain and be pursued by others).

The Red Room’s games at DrivethruRPG:

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