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Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #5

HOST: So, what you are implying is that Dr Bentley is a dangerous individual?

THADDEUS KILGORE: I’m implying nothing, I am certain that William Bentley is a criminal. He has perfected torture methods while working for Third World dictators. He should be immediately arrested and led to trial…

[At that moment, a panel opens behind the host and the interviewed. A tall, handsome grey-haired man in a classic suit enters, apparently carrying a gun. He points the gun at Thaddeus Kilgore]

MAN: Mr Kilgore, I was backstage listening to all that drivel and decided to make an appearance. You, sir, are a dirty, rotten scoundrel. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!

The man shoots the gun. Thaddeus Kilgore grabs his chest in pain and falls from his chair. The audience is in absolute silence.

HOST: My God, I think he’s gone, doctor!

DR BENTLEY: Well, it’s all in the day’s work.

[Dr Bentley takes a bow before the bewildered audience and leaves the stage]

Excerpt from a Talk the Talk show, hosted by Raoul Fontana. Later, it was discovered that William Bentley shot Kilgore with a mere toy gun, and the later died from a heart attack.

Thaddeus Kilgore was the founder of the Democracy Now movement, the most important active political movement in the city, which goal is to put an end to the current state of Avalidad, as a corporate owned city.

Thaddeus Kilgore is the founder of the Democracy Now movement

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