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Postcards from Avalidad Teaser #4

Our destiny is constantly changing, constantly shifting. It is the turns we take at every junction that build that thing we call fate, step by step. In that view, there is no such thing as a future to wait for. The universe itself, by definition, encompasses all that was, all that could have been, all that is, and all that could eventually come to be. Everything at the same time. Can you embrace the concept? I think no one can fully grasp it.

Myself, I try to humbly understand and accept that everything we do plays a role. In the end, we usually simply watch in wonder and amazement, and let the wholeness take us where we should go. Yes, because it truly does! I very rarely act, I usually just watch, advise, and comment. To the point of being annoying, perhaps? Well, my apparent inaction comes from understanding the implications and ramifications of the future are vast, and that it is useless to try and use them to our advantage. Or to anyone’s benefit, by that matter. Personally, I simply try to navigate life as best I can, and help those in need to do so as well.

Nonetheless, there are focal points that draw me to them, as if they were magnets within a vast sea of possibilities. Like a whirlpool, slowly drawing within everything that floats around it. Please, do not try and refrain your smile. I know how I am seen from the outside. A nosy and weird meddler who rants about strangeness. Sometimes, a very irritating and imposing nosy meddler.

But, in the end, we all ride the waves of the entirety together. When you take a turn, or go back to your apartment because you forgot your biocomputer, you open up a sea of possibilities and run away from a sea of would have beens. I am simply more aware, and thus I consider my mission to help and improve your fate and mine, present and future. So, now, tell me, do you really wish you knew?

Well folks, that’s what Mr Aziz Crowe, Ka’athryn’s husband and, as you may know, ZoneSec’s director of operations and a very experienced psionic, told me about fate and his work in Avalidad when I spoke with him at Doc Bentley’s latest party. And all I asked him for was advice on a date!”

Excerpt from Dreamachine, presented by Selene Kelyah, covering a William Bentley party, with Aziz Crowe as a guest


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