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Reported in One Day, Bound to Be Censored: A Brief History of MEN

MEN has been “temporarily suspended” after a customer reported the title “as potentially containing offensive content” at DriveThruRPG. And we know what happens when products are temporarily suspended, don’t we? It took them a day, for fuck’s sake!

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Welcome to the Red Room Room Joe Hardin (Big Geek Emporium)

Today’s guest is Joe Hardin, from the Biggus GeekusYoutube channel and the upcoming online role-playing game store Big Geek Emporium. We talked about this project that promises creators freedom and competitive rates (this Skype call was very misogynous and almost erased Sílvia, but since we are terrible people, we just don’t care. Women’s place is in the kitchen).

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The Verdict Came In: Sexual Holocaust Banned From Drivethru

As expected, Drivethru will keep the scenario suspended unless I do “revisions”. But they were extremely vague about it all and they didn’t even bother to quote what was against their policies. I just got (again) a quotation from their own guidelines with a bold segment: rape or other acts of criminal perversion. Basically, OBS thinks we should screw ourselves because we are irrelevant independent publishers. Will we censor Sexual Holocaust? Fuck no! We’re all out of bubblegum…
PS. By the way, as we explained before, there are mentions to rape, yes, but it doesn’t need to happen in game. Did they even read the bloody thing? Probably not.

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The Red Room Was Censored by Patreon

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Patreon informing me my account was suspended for not complying with their guidelines. It wasn’t just software being overzealous, a human worker from the Orwellian-named “Trust & Safety Team” revised a post that got my Patreon account suspended for “glorifying sexual violence”. I’m glad that Patreon’s Thoughpolice is working for the safety of all the woke grifters using that platform (Anita Sarkeesian & friends come to mind).

By the way, the post that offended their sensibilities was the following:

“Wretched Bastards

Wretched Bastards is a low-magic, dark fantasy role-playing game. Besides being deadly and bleak, it is meant to be sleazy. The main characters aren’t heroes at all; they are greedy, violent, lecherous, cruel, untrustworthy scoundrels. They will lie, backstab, betray, double-cross, kill, pillage and rape through this grim fantasy world. They aren’t heroes, because there are no heroes in the kingdom of Riget, only a handful in the Kharabas continent, and not a whole lot more in the world of Antillia; however, they aren’t the villains either: the malefactors here are the filthy orcs, who keep coming down from the mountains, located south from the village of Fork, trespassing into human territory.”

You’ve noticed the Wrongspeech there? Maybe not, it was just a single word: rape. You can’t write rape on Patreon. Well, maybe you can, their Trust & Safety employee read the post after all! I suppose if a male trans threatened to rape JK Rowling with his shedick, he wouldn’t get cancelled for Wrongspeech…

Luckily (or not) I had just a couple of subscribers and was getting about 12 dollars a month. This allows me to just close my account and say fuck you very much to Patreon without any regrets. If you are considering opening a Patreon account my advice is: DON’T!