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New Skin for the Old Sisters and a FREE Wretched Verse (Sins and Virtues editions)

The Sisters of the Sevens Sins (Wretched versions) was released when Midjourney was still starting their journey. Now that it has evolved from its Impressionist Period to a Photorealism phase, we decided to update the illustrations at the same time we updated it to second edition Wretched RPG stats. If you purchased it through The Red Room store or Big Geek Emporium you can now download version 1.2. If you purchased through that other place, you can contact us for a free download. You find it also at Lulu.

We are also releasing the Sins as Virtues as alignment (previously published as a bog post) as a new free issue of Wretched Verses. To provide players and game masters with a dynamic and nuanced approach to character alignment, we present the Sins and Virtues Alignment System, based on the Wretched Transgression mechanics. This system offers a different perspective on character motivations, going beyond the traditional good versus evil, chaos versus order dichotomies. Naturally, the Sins and Virtues can also be combined with a traditional alignment system. This item is free, but if you would like to pay something for it, you can use the option One-time Payment at our Subscription Plan page.

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