Wretched Verses Issue 7: Sins and Virtues


To provide players and game masters with a dynamic and nuanced approach to character alignment, we present the Sins and Virtues Alignment System, based on the Wretched Transgression mechanics. This system offers a different perspective on character motivations, going beyond the traditional good versus evil, chaos versus order dichotomies. Naturally, the Sins and Virtues can also be combined with a traditional alignment system.

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Sins and Virtues as alignment revolve around the concept of Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Holy Virtues, which represent the moral compass guiding each character’s actions and decisions. By selecting one Sin and one Virtue for their character, players are encouraged to explore the complexities of human nature and develop a more three-dimensional persona for their character. This alignment system intends to enrich role-playing by adding depth and consequences to the character’s choices, fostering engaging storytelling, and inspiring creative outcomes. As characters embrace their chosen Sin or Virtue, they must deal with the inherent boons and banes associated with their alignment. This duality reflects the reality that both positive and negative traits can lead to compelling narratives, and even the most virtuous characters may face challenges stemming from their moral compass.


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