Novanexus is a scenario designed for Wretched New Flesh – but adaptable to other near-future games – set in a sprawling metropolis that represents the pinnacle of human achievement and technological progress. In this scenario, inspired by movies such as My Uncle (1958), Playtime (1967) and Traffic (1971), players have the option to take on the role of local law enforcement or work for ZoneSec, a security organization hailing from the distant city of Avalidad. They are sent to Novanexus to either spy on the city or assist in investigating the mysterious phenomenon known as Glitch. Novanexus is an awe-inspiring European city with a skyline filled with towering skyscrapers and streets buzzing with activity. However, beneath its futuristic façade, the city is plagued by a sense of alienation and isolation. As the players investigate the mystery of the Glitch, they will be faced with the city’s advanced technology in disarray having to rely on their wits and low-tech to survive in the chaotic environment.


In the labyrinthine folds of Novanexus, a symphony of modernity and technological prowess unfolds before the discerning eye. The cityscape possesses a peculiar charm, a distinct fusion of contemporary and antiquated design, giving birth to an inimitable retrofuturistic aura that resonates within its very essence. The edifices that pierce the skyline, sleek and sophisticated, boast minimalist design principles, their glass and steel frames mirroring the city’s ceaseless march towards progress. Automated cars glide along the arteries of this urban organism, their silhouettes an elegant marriage of futuristic flair and the nostalgic aesthetic of bygone eras. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, they navigate the intricate web of streets and highways with the grace of ballerinas, their streamlined contours reminiscent of the automobiles of the mid-20th century yet infused with a modern sleekness. This seamless blending of modern and vintage design elements leaves one breathless, ensnared in the nostalgic and futuristic allure that defines the city. Such is the iconic nature of Novanexus, an indelible testament to the artistry and ingenuity of the visionaries who sculpted its existence.

Novanexus City Guide, BeatFreak Special, with Françoise Tulard


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