The Goat Lady


A dark fantasy scenario for Wretched Bastards or other old-school games (42 pages).

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On the Westernmost part of Kharabas, one can find the Kingdom of Baetica, a strange and eerie place inhabited by rude and superstitious folk. At the heart of the country stands the Biscaya mountains; they are ancient and mysterious, a place feared by most Baeticans. The ruler of Biscaya, lady Lydia Alvarez, seeks protection from her unruly subjects. What seemed to be an easy job for an experienced group of bastards will become trickier once the party discovers an ancient evil has been unleashed in the mountains. And it must be stopped before it is too late. A scenario inspired by an old Portuguese folk tale, The Got-footed Lady, Richard Donner’s 1985 fantasy tale Ladyhawke and several low-budget horror movies.


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