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The Red Room’s Birthday and Wretched Bastards Second Edition

Today is The Red Room’s first birthday and, as previously announced, later today we will raffle our birthday giveaway (a $20 Big Geek Emporium voucher, a softcover copy of Wretched Role-Playing Game and a Wretched t-shirt of your choice). Tomorrow we will announce the winners. If you have made purchases from the Red Room store during this month keep an eye on our social media/ blog/ YouTube channel.

We also want to announce the release of Wretched Bastards Second Edition. Unlike the first edition, this is not a full game, but a campaign setting, with a few rules changes/ additions. You will also need a set of rules, such as Wretched Role-Playing Game to delve into the world of Antillia. Today is the last day the core book will be FREE at our store, so if you haven’t picked up yet, now it’s the time. However, the setting information was expanded for the second edition and it also includes The Seven Bastards, previously released as a separate book. Do you really need this if you have purchased the first edition and The Seven Bastards? Probably not, though there’s more info about the world of Antillia than in both those books combined.

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