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Wretched Bastards: The Second Coming

The second edition of Wretched Bastards is in the works and it will be coming soon. By the end of this month, if all goes according to plan. But why the hell do you need a second edition this soon? Well, when the core book was released, we were still uncertain if players would be interested in embodying greedy and lewd scoundrels. However, the response was positive, and we quickly realized we had tapped into a market open for this type of gameplay. As a result, we shifted our focus to developing Wretched Bastards into a full game line. Our exploration of new genres, including western, investigative horror, exploitation horror, space opera, and post-apocalyptic action, led us to introduce new mechanics and refine existing ones. Then came the OGL fiasco and we decided to cut ties with with a licence that offered no guarantees and which we didn’t actually need on the first place.

With the release of the revised Wretched Role-Playing Game core book, we were able to move forward with our plan to create setting books instead of full games for our second editions. We knew we wanted to provide a fleshed-out world for our players, and thus the world of Antillia grew. While we understand that many gamers enjoy creating their own settings, we believe having a developed world will be useful for GMs looking for a quick and easy setting for Wretched Bastards. In this second edition, you’ll find an expanded whole world to explore, even if it’s not yet thoroughly described. We’ve also included The Seven Bastards campaign setting in the main book, so players can dive right in. Finally, we’ve added some new mechanics suited for fantasy games to round out the Wretched system and provide even more gameplay options.

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