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Wretched Verses Issue 1: Avalidad City Guide (Released)

Wretched Verses Issue 1: Avalidad City Guide (released in pdf only). Wretched Verses is a new series of small digital titles for the Wretched line of #OSR #ttrpg. The first issue includes an expanded version of the city guide in Wretched: New Flesh (and a 50% discount code for the purchase of the core book at The Red Room Store) You can find it here:

Wretched Verses Issue 1: Avalidad City Guide

Avalidad is a large district inside Tangiers, Morocco, sponsored by an international conglomerate of several corporations interested in investing in northern Africa. The futuristic metropolis was built from scratch during the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the early days of Avalidad, the City was divided into subzones, each managed by a different corporation. As Avalidad grew and expanded, the need for the corporate districts faded away, and they were repurposed into laboratories, offices, warehouses, and residential areas for their respective businesses. Nowadays, the City is organised around its central business district, the neurological centre of Avalidad.

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