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Sub Umbra, Coming Soon From The Red Room

While researching for a book on secret societies and occult sects at the library of a 19th-century eccentric millionaire, a Portuguese journalist found evidence the Knights of Christ, who succeeded the Templars in Portugal, had retained much of the esoteric knowledge from the disbanded order.

However, this was merely the surface-level finding. The records of a 17th-century Portuguese knight revealed the order of Christ’s progress in harnessing ancient knowledge to manipulate telluric currents from the Axis Mundi. However, the information contained within the document is not comprehensive, and several sections are missing. The whereabouts of the missing paragraphs remain unknown. Upon further inspection of the record, clues to their location were uncovered. This prompted the journalist to seek assistance from other students of the occult in order to solve the mystery. Unbeknownst to him, this action opened a Pandora’s Box of underground conspiracies, attracting the attention of secret societies around the world, all of whom have set their sights on Portugal with the intention of obtaining the power of the ancients.

Sub Umbra is a scenario for Wretched Darkness, or other horror-themed OSR games

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