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Darker and Good Guys Never Win now in paperback (


The darkest corners of Hammettville hide a menace that threatens the very fabric of reality. A malevolent entity from the Beyond know as the Devourer has been slowly spreading its influence over the city, feeding on the taint and corruption of the inhabitants’ souls. In this scenario, the players take the roles of common wretched folk that see themselves entangled in a twisted web of secrets and lies. Carrying the burden of uncovering the truth to save their lives and sanity, the characters will journey beyond the veil, facing their own fears and worst nightmares, cunning conspirators and the Devourer’s insidious presence. Will they survive walking the narrow line between sanity and madness?

Good Guys Never Win

Join the super villain Tag on a coast to coast crime spree across the USA of Wretched Vigilantes. Encounter dozens of new wretched villains, heroes and super spies. Discover new powers and drawbacks for the Wretchedverse. Find out how super humans are treated in New York, Nevada, Tennessee and other parts of the US. Lean why it is that Good Guys Never Win.

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