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Diabolus EX Machina – RELEASED

New Red Room release: Diabolus Ex Machina is a sci-fi horror scenario by Sílvia Clemente, designed for Wretched New Flesh, but it can be easily ran in Wretched Darkness or any other horror game. In this scenario, Xtigmatic Entertainment Inc, a small start-up with brilliant game design ideas, is on the verge of a ground-breaking release. Millions have been invested in their latest creation, a virtual escape room game that promises to break the barrier between fiction and reality. However, as testing begins, players mysteriously start dying inside the game, their minds trapped in a nightmarish realm. As the body count rises, the characters are recruited to uncover the dark truth and find themselves trapped inside the game world in a deadly race for survival. You can purchase at our store, Big Geek Emporium, Lulu and Giant Slayer Games.

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