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The Seven Bastards is now a free download

This is the scenario that started it all: The Wretched concept, the idea for the Wretched Bastards setting and the Seven Sins as an alternative alignment system. It was included in the Wretched Bastards 2nd edition book, so it’s about time to make it a free download. You can get it at our store, at Big Geek Emporium or Giant Slayer Games.

The Seven Bastards is a low-fantasy, low-magic scenario/ short campaign setting for Wretched Bastards or other OSR games. Years ago a group of lewd and rowdy adventurers, collectively known as The Seven Bastards, was expelled from the village of Fork for their belligerent and salacious ways. But when consecutive bands of orcs start coming down from the mountains south of the village, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the locals find no support in their lord, Windom, the Earl of Andril, too distracted with the mysterious disappearance of his young daughter to care about any other trouble. The villagers turn to the only ones who can help them in a time of need, the Bastards.

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